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Do you FEEL loved or do you just acknowledge God’s love or your family’s love as a “head” acknowledgment that doesn’t quite make it to your heart? and how about this…are you supposed to FEEL love, is is even OK to FEEL love?

What blocks that ability to actually FEEL the emotion of loving and being loved? 

When your heart is full of anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, there is no room for love!

Free to Love is my story of forgiving completely and receiving the love of God, the love of my Groom Jesus, even the love of my husband. 

Free to Love is also a guide, to walk you step by step through a Biblical process that will set you free to receive love and GIVE love.

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Ephesians 6:12 tells us we do not “wrestle or struggle” with flesh and blood. So it goes to reason, if you have things in your life that are a continual struggle or things you wrestle without any victory, you are fighting a spiritual battle!

This free resource, Whole and Free, simply explains, from Biblical truths, what spiritual battle is. Helps you to prepare yourself to break strongholds in your life and walks you through the process to complete freedom in Christ.

Whom the SON sets free is Free Indeed! Be Free!

John 8:36

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