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hands in the rain

My thoughts as I looked out at the streets after our powerful rainstorm last night.

The rain from the clouds has come, you cannot deny its presence

It cleanses, refreshes and reveals…

Reveals hidden trash and dirt, pulling down dead branches and leaves

Reveals leaky roofs

Reveals new plants ready to spring from the earth


We often think of the “latter rain” from God as something that only creates beauty…but it has the same effects, in greater measure, as the rain from the clouds.

It cleanses, refreshes and reveals…

Reveals hidden trash and dirt in the heart

Reveals leaks in our lives, where we are still holding on to the things of this world

Reveals new things, ready to spring forth from our hearts.


The rain is irresistible…

The beauty of the rain is that it comes from God alone, no man can manufacture a true rainstorm, and no one can stop it from coming.

The beauty of the “latter rain” is that it comes from God, no one can manufacture it and it is powerful and no one can resist it!

You not only see the effects of both kinds of rain, but you feel it.

When the rain comes, it affects everyone in its path, no one can escape.


The rain awakens your senses…

During the storm you hear, see and even feel the power of the wind, rain, lightning and thunder.

When the rain is past you smell the freshness of the air, sometimes you smell the captivating fragrance of flowers and sometimes you smell the dank smell of mold growing in places overgrown with weeds and brush.

So the “latter rain” of the Spirit of God. When it comes, you hear, see and feel the power. You smell the freshness, the captivating fragrance of the Holy Spirit.

You also smell the dank dark places, identifying areas that need to be cleaned of the debris of resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, selfishness…secret sins of the heart.


Thank you, Father God, for the rain from the clouds and the rain from your Holy Spirit. I receive the cleansing and the refreshing, in Jesus Name.